A2 Information and Communication Technology


Advice to Students from AQA Exam Board Past Examination Question Papers -
  1. Read each examination paper carefully
  2. Decide if you can answer each question - if not revise any areas you are unsure about
  3. Complete the paper in exam conditions - i.e. in silence and in the time allowed
  4. Use the marking schemes to assess how well you did - don't look at the marking scheme first
  5. Revise any areas you did not understand or did not get good marks
Revision Techniques - PowerPoint presentation

Essay Question


Module 4: Information Systems in Organisations

Example questions from past papers:

Module 5: Information: Policy, Strategy and Systems

  • Each unit has links to past examination question about that unit
  • Essay questions
    • Essay questions from June 2002 onwards
  • Policy and Strategy Issues / HCI (June 2002)
  • Software Develeopment (Jan 2003)
  • Database Management Systems (June 2003)
  • Software(Jan 2004)
  • Database Management Systems (June 2004)
  • Policy and Strategy Issues (Jan 2005)
  • Policy and Strategy Issues / HCI (June 2005)