10.5  The Social Impact of Information and Communication Technology


In this section you should be able to:

General overview

ICT and Society

Digital Divide

When considering the effect that ICT has on society, it is important to think about how it affects people in the following categories:





Narrow definition**:

People who do some paid or unpaid work in their own home and who use both a telephone and computer.


Wider definition**:


People who:

  • mainly work from home in their main job, ‘teleworker homeworkers’;
  • work from home in various locations but use their home as a base, ‘homebased teleworkers’; and
  • do not usually work at home or use home as a base but did so for at least one day in the reference week, ‘occasional teleworkers’.


Teleworking in the UK. by Ulrike Hotopp, 
Employment Relations Directorate, Department of Trade and Industry
Labour Market trends June 2002



The Home




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