Module 3:

The use of Generic Application Software for Task Solution

Excel Internet Tutorials
MS Excel Guide:
  • Worked examples, e.g.
    • Dry cleaning booking system
    • Car repair order system
    • Compound interest calculator
  • Skills guide, e.g.
    • Data entry
    • Printing options
    • Date and time functions
    • Logical & text functions
VBA for Excel FAQs

FAQS on topics use for macros, such as:

  • How do I specify a range of cells?
  • How do I print a worksheet?
  • How do I close Excel Worksheet?
VBA for MS Excel
  • Step-by-step guide to creating macros for Excel
Excel functions and macro creation

Topic include:

Excel Examples and Help Guides
  • Examples include:
    • Sales forecasts
    • Data input and business analysis
    • Calculate number of days from a given date
    • Gnatt charts for business resources
  • Help guides on a range of topics, e.g.
    • SUMIF
    • List box
    • Pivot tables
    • VBA
    • Dates and time
MicroSoft Developer Network - Excel
  • Extensive help using Excel 2003 and VBA


Excel Handouts


Project Examples: