Module 1: Information: Nature, Role and Context

Module 2: Information: Management and Manipulation

Module 3: The use of Generic Application Software for Task Solution

Work through each exercise. You may need to use the text book:
P.M. HEATHCOTE A Level ICT 2nd ed.  Ipswich: Payne-Gallway, 2000
After each exercise, close the window to return to this page


Advice to Students from AQA Exam Board


Revision Techniques - PowerPoint presentation


Revision workbook


Practice Exam Questions

Past Examination Question Papers -
  1. Read each examination paper carefully
  2. Decide if you can answer each question - if not revise any areas you are unsure about
  3. Complete the paper in exam conditions - i.e. in silence and in the time allowed
  4. Use the marking schemes to assess how well you did - don't look at the marking scheme first
  5. Revise any areas you did not understand or did not get good marks